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January 20, 2010

Bloody_Smurf This being the first post on my new blog, The Bloody Smurf Rag, I feel compelled to start with some background info about myself, where this is coming from, and why. I’ll keep it short, if not sweet:

My name is Alan and I’m a software developer and tester by trade, working for a large software company in the US Pacific Northwest. Unremarkably, I enjoy movies (I have a moderate collection), video games, computers and generally anything “geeky tech” while inside, and enjoy exploring the great, wide, and beautiful world about us when I’m not. I like hiking and camping as well as rock and mountain climbing – more on these topics in the future, I’m sure.

Why the Bloody Smurf Rag? you ask? Well, I’m an avid gamer on my Xbox 360 as the Bloody Smurf and tweet randomly (if not profusely) as @TheBloodySmurf. Feel free to look me up either place!

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