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Alan Wake: Tag – You’re It (Spoilers)

June 22, 2010

As mentioned in the previous post, “Alan Wake: Tag – You’re It”, I’m happy to see the use of Microsoft Tag technology in the Xbox 360 game “Alan Wake”.

Here’s the rundown on where to find these in the game world, and what they do:

1) Episode 1: Nightmare, Chapter 1: A Writer’s Dream

Soon after you encounter your first Taken, he forces you forward (swinging his axe as he goes) and you drop down from the wooden walkway to a small clearing before proceeding. Straight ahead is an announcement board with a picture of Alan Wake, the diver suit, and a Microsoft Tag. This tag is for an Alan Wake Xbox 360 theme download code.


2) Episode 2: Taken, Chapter 1: Bright Falls Sherriff’s Station

During the “flashback” section (where you are tasked with turning on the coffee pot and getting a flashlight when the lights go out in your apartment), walk into the study where there is a manuscript page and copies of the artwork for Alan’s upcoming book The Sudden Stop. On the wall behind the desk is another MS Tag which links to a phone number for Alan Wake’s answering machine, containing messages from Alice. Note that if you miss this one the first time around, it is still present when you come back to the apartment in later episodes, including the last one right before the end of the game.


3) Episode 4: The Truth, Chapter 1: Cauldron Lake Lodge

After Dr. Hartman gives you the tour of the Cauldron Lake Lodge, head upstairs. In the area with the TV hung on the central fireplace/chimney, there are some bookshelves, two paintings of knights (one dark and one light), and the last MS Tag. This tag links to another phone number, this time for Dr. Hartman’s answering machine.


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