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eWallet GO! Back-Compat… NOT!

January 19, 2011

I’ve been a loyal user of eWallet by Illium Software for a number of years now. It’s a great app for collecting and managing any personal information one would want to keep safe: passwords, account numbers, serial numbers, credit or loyalty card info, etc. In the first version I used (years ago) it worked well on Windows Mobile and easily sync’ed with a PC via ActiveSync so it was a simple task to manage secrets where you had copy-and-paste and a keyboard while still being able keep the data with you while you were on the go. Better looking and expanded versions came along occasionally and I happily upgraded with each new version.

When I moved to an iPhone I experienced a nice surprise that Illium made an iPhone version which even still sync’ed with the PC (via a somewhat clunky but functional mechanism over WiFi).

Now that I’m using a Windows Phone 7 device I’ve been anxiously looking forward to Illium’s release of a new version to support this platform and being able to sync the wallet file I’ve been using for years (and already containing hundreds of items). Unfortunately what Illium has released is something that not only does not support syncing (one of, if not the key features of the software), but pushes backups to Google Docs or DropBox when the WP7 already uses SkyDrive for several other backup/cloud scenarios.

What the heck guys?!

There is a short note on the Illium site stating that they plan to release a tool to convert an old eWallet file into one for WinPhone 7 but what I understand from reading between the lines is that this is a one-directional, one-time push of the data which I really want to keep in sync on both my PC and my phone. This seems like a half-assed patch when someone realized that they still had some customers who wanted some kind of backwards-compatibility and is just such a disappointment. I guess I’m going to have to start looking for a replacement which actually can sync between the PC and phone because I’m not going to spend my life trying to keep two files in sync manually (especially if I can’t edit the content ending up on the phone on the PC where I have a real keyboard.) Any suggestions or recommendations of good software for this purpose are welcome…

Illium, if you’re listening, this is really sad. I expected so much more from you guys – you got it to work on the iPhone for pete’s sake – I absolutely believe making it work on Windows Phone 7 could not be any more complex…

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