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Ecuador 2011: Day 3

April 18, 2011

Dateline Quito: The day starts with breakfast and then a quick ride to the airport. Everyone is in good spirits and are joking, playing “Slug-Bug”, etc. We meet up with our Galapagos guide coordinator, Jessica and head for the plane.

Quito –> Guayaquil –> San Cristobal Island

San Cristobal

By midday we’re on San Cristobal and the change in climate is noticeable. No longer do we need jackets or have to worry about cold rain – this is island life on the equator! After a quick check-in at the Hotel Pimampiro, we’re off to find lunch and get our first briefing from our official Galapagos guide, Maria. As it turns out, the restaurant we have lunch at belongs to her family; a little nepotism is OK, right?

After lunch we take a bus over to the local Galapagos park information center, and after a brief walk through some scientific and historical information exhibits, we take a short hike around grounds and up to some cliff side viewpoints overlooking the water and portions of the island. Once we’ve visited a memorial statue to Charles Darwin we finish the walk, ending up on beach where we can swim (and I can snorkel).

Although Darwin looks like he’s thumbing a ride in the picture here, apparently the pose is because he used to be holding a large pencil…

By the time we finish swimming and walk back out of the center grounds the sun is setting and its time to grab some dinner. The restaurant for dinner is conveniently located right by the docks, so there were numerous sea lions lounging nearby (and more showing up as the night went on and the tide came in), and we end up hanging out for hours knocking back muchas cervezas and chatting.

20110418 0109

For tomorrow: hiking, biking, and swimming…

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